Dimethyl sulphate - Assessment by the Dutch health council

Dimethyl sulphate is mainly used as a methylating agent in the manufacturing of
dyes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, for the separation of mineral oils, and for
the analysis of automobile fluids. Also its sulphating properties are applied
in the manufacturing of various products (e.g. dyes and fabric softeners,
etc.). Formerly, dimethyl sulphate was used as a war gas.

Inhalation exposure dimethyl sulphate at the workplace may cause cancer. The
Health Council recommends to classify dimethyl sulphate as ‘presumed to be
carcinogenis to humans' (category 1B). The Health Council is further of the
opinion that due to a lack of adequate human and animal data, it is not
possible to exactly calculate excess cancer risk (health-based calculated
occupational cancer risk values) for dimethyl sulphate.

More information - Source: The Health Council of the Netherlands