Eurofound's 2015 Annual Work Programme

The year 2015 marks the third year of implementation of Eurofound's four-year
work programme 2013-2016, ‘From crisis to recovery: Better informed policies
for a competitive and fair Europe'.

The activities proposed in the annual programme for 2015 are designed to
contribute to achieving Eurofound's strategic objective of providing
high-quality, timely and policy-relevant knowledge as input to better informed
policies, in four priority areas:

1. Increasing labour market participation and combating unemployment by
creating jobs, improving labour market functioning and promoting integration

2. Improving working conditions and making work sustainable throughout the life

3. Developing industrial relations to ensure equitable and productive solutions
in a changing policy context

4. Improving standards of living and promoting social cohesion in the face of
economic disparities and social inequalities

Many activities launched in 2014 were designed to be continued or complemented
by follow-up projects during 2015. In addition, a number of new projects will
commence. The 2015 work programme also takes into account the sequence and work
processes of Eurofound's flagship activities, its three pan-European surveys
and the observatories, which require the allocation of resources in each annual

Eurofound will continue to pay specific attention to the global, sectoral and
national dimension in its activities. Agreements with the International Labour
Organisation (ILO) and direct agreements with some other countries are in place
to conduct the working conditions survey outside Europe, facilitating a
comparison of these countries with the Europe-wide survey results.

All Eurofound's comparative findings are of great interest at national level.
Where possible, contextual information at Member State level is provided, and
multi-lingual summary pages help to increase the uptake of data and analysis
for target groups at Member State level.

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