Tree care work can be dangerous. Many workers get hurt or killed from:

  • Falls,

  • Electrocutions, or

  • Being struck by trees.

Employers must provide free protective equipment (hard hat, climbing spurs, and
harness) and employees to:

  • Identify fall and electrical hazards

  • Know proper climbing techniques.

  • Use protective equipment - climbing lines can save your life during a fall!

  • Stand clear of the drop zone.

Supervisors must:

  • Check the worksite for workplace hazards.

  • Make sure the climbing gear provided is right for the tree size.

  • Assume that all power lines are energized and can electrocute a person at any time.

  • Know if workers will need to climb or use lifts. Provide equipment that is in good working condition.

  • Ensure that ground and elevated workers can see and hear each other.

  • Provide protections to prevent injuries.

Supervisors also need to:


  • ave a trained professional check falling tree hazards before starting work.

  • Keep work at least 10 feet away from electric power lines - or call the power company to de-energize and ground the line.

  • Secure a drop zone with cones that is at least two times the height of the tree.

  • Determine if rigging is necessary.

More information - Source: U.S. Department of Labor