Reflections on Worker Visibility

There is danger in the shadows. It could be working on a highway at night or in
a loading bay at dusk. Low light and poor visibility can make it difficult to
see workers, and this fact puts them at risk for serious injury or death.
High-visibility safety apparel can help workers be seen - and kept safe.

Construction workers, emergency responders, and miners are examples of workers
who are regularly exposed to the safety hazards associated with working near
road traffic, moving construction machinery, and other moving industrial
vehicles. This work is often done in low light and poor visibility conditions,
increasing the risk of the worker not being seen.

High-visibility safety apparel includes clothing such as vests, bibs, and
coveralls that workers can wear to improve how well other people "see" them
(their visibility).

Further Information - Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety