New challenges in modern society for the world of work and OSH

New forms of work, risk factors and types of risk are emerging due to changes
in society, technologies and work organisation.

Globalisation, increasing competition, the rapid spread of ICT and the
Internet, have had a large impact on production methods and work organisation,
resulting in a gradual transition from relatively standardised work
organisation and working time patterns towards more complex and diversified
working environments in Europe. The development of information technologies
enables increasingly complex and geographically diverse global supply chains
and networks, makes real-time communication possible, and provides new means of
disseminating innovations.

Based on EU-OSHA's report on priorities for occupational safety and health
research 2013-2020, a new publication on the topic is now available. Position
papers, produced in cooperation with PEROSH ‘Challenge of Europe in a changing
world - inclusive, Innovative and reflective societies: The changing world of
work and OSH' can be downloaded now.

More info - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work