Safety and health of emergency workers

Emergency workers are people working in emergency response situations such as
firefighters, police, paramedics, soldiers, and relief aid workers. What do
their professions have in common? As the article explains, in their daily
working lives they all experience similar physical, mental and environmental
work demands which on occasions may involve major incidents.

An entry on OSHwiki provides information on the occupational safety and health
(OSH) issues that emergency workers face by giving concrete examples and
statistics that can act as a reference for readers. For example, did you know
that 20 % of their work related accidents and injuries require sick leave
lasting over 15 days? The article goes on to discuss ways in which OSH can be
managed in the sector to benefit emergency workers. The first basic step is
adequate planning and preparedness, as this can reduce the stress faced in
disaster situations. Putting into place appropriate risk management processes
and carrying out joint drills are other measures the article recommends.

More info - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work