WHP in Romanian rural areas: promoting Occupational Safety and Health amongst companies through OSH caravans

Almost 100 rural companies and individual farms located in three regions of
Romania will participate in a series of OSH caravans, organised by Romtens
Foundation (NCO Romania) and its partners over four months (summer of 2015).
These activities are organised as part of a large ESF project and they aim at
raising awareness among managers and employees in order for them to observe and
enforce the OSH legislation. The campaign will focus on the importance of
prevention and protection, of adapting the work process to the technology
progress and - above all - of providing integrated workplace health training
programmes. The organisers' main goal is to remind the caravans' participants
that each and every one of them is responsible for developing and implementing
an OSH prevention culture.

Full article - Source: European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP)