Health and safety issues in the waterborne sector

Working at sea is one of the most physically demanding and dangerous work
environments. This is exacerbated by the fact that ships can be both workplace
and homes, meaning seafarers are exposed to hazards at work as well as in their
living environment. A new article on the subject looks into the most common
problems in the sector including the safety of seafarers, boatmen and

The article gives an overview of the different waterborne transport operations,
explains the various roles and responsibilities and provides statistics on the
sector.and presents the different hazards and risks that workers face in the
sector such as seasickness, risk of skin cancer, exposure to dangerous
substances, loneliness and "burn out", as well as harassment, bullying and
workplace violence.

Finally the article gives an overview of the EU rules and regulations governing
health and safety in the sector and provides prevention and control measures
including a link to EU-OSHA's risk assessment tools.

More info - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work