DIN's new website

DIN's new website is online as from 27 August. Besides a new, modern design,
users will find navigation even simpler and the search functionality
considerably improved. The website has also been optimized for mobile devices.

Simpler Navigation
The site's structure has been completely revamped. The main navigation bar
features the following:

"About standards" explains how standards are developed, the benefits they bring
to stakeholders, where they can be bought, and how they are used.
"Research and innovation" shows how standards speed up the market maturation of
innovations, describes DIN's role in research projects, and demonstrates how
DIN supports cutting edge topics such as smart cities, the energy "turnaround"
or Industry 4.0.

The "DIN & our partners" section features information on the DIN Group and the
European and global networks in which it moves.

"Getting involved" shows how to take part in standardization, from submitting a
standards proposal online, to participating in standards committees, to
becoming a member of DIN.

The "Services" section gathers together information on services as diverse as
DIN's various standards portals, seminars, the consultation services of Beuth
Verlag and DIN Software, and the DIN-TERMinology Portal. The ANP user platform
is also introduced.

Mobile friendly design - improved search function
Thanks to its responsive design, the website works on any size of screen,
whether desktop computer monitor, tablet or mobile phone.

There are also better links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Xing.
Now it is easy to share content from

The search functionality and results display have been refined. A new semantic
search functionality means that, besides direct hits, similar documents are
also displayed. When searching, users can also choose between products,
information, and projects and committees.

Services requiring registration, such as the draft standards portal, online
standards proposal or DIN-TERMinology Portal are also being updated and will
appear in a new design by the end of the year.

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