Protecting Temporary Workers

Workers employed through staffing agencies are generally called temporary or
supplied workers. Whether temporary or permanent, all workers always have a
right to a safe and healthy workplace. The staffing agency and the staffing
agency's client (the host employer) are joint employers of temporary workers
and, therefore, both are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe work
environment for those workers. The staffing agency and the host employer must
work together to ensure that the Occupational Safety and Health requirements
are fully met.

An US- American Occupational Safety and Health Administration's website
provides employers with information about necessary steps to take. These
recommendations include

Evaluate the Host Employer's Worksite
Train Agency Staff to Recognize Safety and Health Hazards

  • Ensure the Employer Meets or Exceeds the Other Employer's Standards

  • Assign Occupational Safety and Health Responsibilities and Define the Scope of Work in the Contrac

  • Injury and Illness Tracking

  • Conduct Safety and Health Training and New Project Orientation

  • First Aid, Medical Treatment, and Emergencies

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program

  • Maintain Contact with Workers

More information - Source: U.S. Department of Labor