INTERPOL Meeting Highlights Environmental Crimes

About 250 experts from law enforcement, government, international
organizations, and NGOs took part in a Nov. 9-10 Security and Environmental
Crime conference organized in Nimes, France, by INTERPOL, with the experts
issuing a 15-point call for action to raise awareness and encourage greater
involvement by the global community. Environmental crimes generate illegal
profits of billions annually, according to the international law enforcement
organization, and they include the trafficking of toxic waste, illegal fishing
and logging, and trafficking in protected species.

The call to action includes measures based on five strategic priorities:

  • Strengthen environmental crimes prevention

  • Coordinate efforts to fight against criminal networks

  • Intensify prosecutions for these types of crimes

  • Improve remedies for damage caused by them

  • Monitor the impact of measures taken against environmental crimes

Further Information - Source: Environmental Protection