Working time clashes with work-life balance for many workers

Despite increasing sophistication of work organisation and the development of
ICT tools with the aim of making the workplace more efficient, long working
time continues to be a fact of life for many workers, according to the last
findings on working conditions in Europe from Eurofound.

Although the length of working time has been falling for decades, many workers
still put in more than the standard 40-hour week: 1 in 4 male employees and 1
in 10 female employees, in fact.

These figures, however, pale in comparison with the figures for people who run
their own business. Among the self-employed who employ others, 62% of men and
41% of women work 48 hours or more a week. The figures are only slightly less
striking for self-employed who work on their own, with 38% of men and 27% of
women working 48 hours or more. These are sobering statistics for anyone
thinking of starting their own business.

More info - Source: Eurofound