Collective questionnaire tool to help small enterprises to assess psychosocial risks

In order to help enterprises with fewer than 50 workers to meet their
regulatory obligation to assess psychosocial risks (PSRs), the French public
authorities and various French occupational safety and health bodies[1] have
worked together to provide references, advice, and methodological tools. The
results of their work have been put on line on a webpage specifically intended
for small enterprises, under the "psychosocial risk” section of the French
Ministry for Labour website [2] dedicated to occupational safety and health.

The online content is intended to be pragmatic and to enable small enterprises
to be capable of making a first approach to PSRs on their own. The webpage
breaks down into three parts:

- Why does this concern me? This part proposes a series of questions and
answers for understanding what PSRs are and for recapitulating the regulations
that apply to all enterprises.

- What should I do? This part proposes an approach and tools for assessing PSRs
in enterprises that are too small to have Health, Safety, and Working
Conditions Committees (CHSCTs).

- Who can help me? This part identifies and describes the
contacts to whom the enterprise can go for advice in taking PSRs into account.

More information - Source: OSHwiki