New report stresses need for stronger monitoring of labour market agencies to prevent trafficking of workers

With growing numbers of workers moving freely across the European Union, the
role of labour market intermediaries (LMIs) in matching workers with companies'
needs has become increasingly important in helping the single market to
function effectively. However, some LMIs also play a part in the deceitful
recruitment or transfer of workers who may subsequently be exposed to
exploitation. New research, focusing on strategies to prevent such practices
and limit the potential for trafficking, highlights the need for strengthened
monitoring of LMIs to achieve better prevention, enforcement, sanctioning and

Eurofound's latest report ‘Regulation of labour market intermediaries and the
role of social partners in preventing trafficking of labour', which was
presented to members of the European Parliament in Brussels, also underlines
the importance of social partner activities and cross-border cooperation in
developing coherent and targeted interventions.

More info - Source: Eurofound