Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers

Farms, like most workplaces, face unexpected emergencies and disasters.
Agricultural emergencies and disasters can be natural or man-made. To help
lessen the impact of these events, employers and supervisors should develop and
exercise an emergency action plan that prepares workers to react to and handle
emergencies and disasters before they occur.

An emergency action plan identifies and organizes employer and worker
responsibilities in preparation for and when responding to a workplace
emergency or disaster. Having a plan with the employer's support and commitment
and workers' participation is key to an orderly evacuation and quick response.
Developing and implementing an EAP can lessen confusion, decrease injuries, and
limit destruction of property during and after a disaster or other emergency.

These emergencies include natural (severe winter storms, severe dust storms,
lightning strikes, earthquakes) as well as man-made emergencies (explosions or
fires, animal handling incidents, grain entrapments, power failures, rotating
and moving equipment incidents, chemical releases or spills, vehicle incidents,
workplace violence, accidental poisoning).

The fact sheet focuses on the importance of creating and training workers in an
emergency action plan to help lessen the impact of agricultural emergencies and
disasters, whether natural or man-made.

More information - Source: U.S. Department of Labor