Report on night work and atypical working times highlights risks to workers

The French Agency ANSES has been commissioned to assess health risks for
workers exposed to atypical working schedules, particularly night work. This
expert report highlights proven risks such as sleep disorders and metabolic
disorders, and likely risks of carcinogenic nature or cardiovascular disorders
and mental health problems among concerned workers.

Workers who work at night are generally subject to more physical strain,
greater time pressure (schedules, rhythms constraints, deadlines,etc.), or more
frequent tensions with colleagues and the guest public. However, organizational
characteristics and conditions of night work may vary, particularly from one
sector of activity to another, which can reduce or increase the effects of
night work on the health of workers.

The expert report highlights health effects, with different levels of
scientific evidence:

  • effects such as sleepiness, reduced sleep quality and reduced total sleeping time, and metabolic syndrome are proven;

  • the effects on mental health, cognitive performance, obesity and weight gain, type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease (coronary ischemia and myocardial infarction) are probable;

  • the effects on dyslipidemia (too high levels of certain fats in the blood), high blood pressure and ischemic stroke, are possible.

More info in French - Source:
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work