Guangzhou Beian Lock Technology Co., Ltd

SC201 Smart IC card padlock -- An upgrade design for the Industrial traditional safety padlocks

Comparing with the traditional industrial safety padlock, IC card padlocks is intergrating with electric card technology , it can use the card instead of the key, which is widely used in Steel、Chemistry、Mechanical engineering、Vechicle、 Electric factories and Engineering projects.
1. IC Card sensing function.
2. Safe and reliable, strong lock body, high strength alloy steel hook, resistence to hydraulic clamp.
3. Standby power consumption is as low as 30 micro-ampere, equipped with 800 mah battery, and the theortical standby time is as long as 15 months.
4. Sensitive and reliable, capacitive IC card  sening technology.
5. Micro (Android) charging port.
6.Convenient for IC card management,customized by adjusting their own management modes.

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