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Impression camouflage sur tissu aramide

Impression camouflage sur tissu aramide

A new, groundbreaking processing technology for protective fabrics, which is currently being patented and exclusively available to IBENA, allows you to realise NOMEX® protective garments in sharp and brilliant print designs.

This world-famous novelty not only opens the market for inherently flame retardant military camouflage gear, but also allows creating up-to-date Corporate Fashion Trends for your customers

PHÖNIX-PRINT fabrics offer:

  • Sharp and brilliant Prints

  • Camouflage prints with IR remission values according to military specification

  • Excellent light fastness and washing fastness!
    Light and washing fastness of PHÖNIX fabric is generally graded 4-5 and higher, thus exceeding even the already good grades of pigmented fibres

  • Good colour fastness to perspiration and rubbing

  • Suited for domestic washing and industrial laundry
    according DIN EN ISO 15797 und DIN EN ISO 6330

  • EN 531, EN 1149-3, EN 13034, ENV50354, etc.

PHÖNIX fabrics are available in the following weights:
Nomex® 265g/m2, 220g/m2, 190g/m2, 170g/m2, 150g/m2

TIPP: Corporate fashion with company logos, slogans or fashion prints!