Dichloromethane to be banned in paint-strippers

The dangerous chemical compound Dichloromethane (DCM) in paint-strippers will
soon be banned for consumers and many professionals, after the adoption of a
legislative report by the European Parliament. Thanks to MEPs, a derogation for
licensed professionals will be limited and the protection of workers during the
industrial use of paint-strippers containing the chemical will be strengthened.
The resolution was adopted with 674 votes in favour, 17 against and 8

Dichloromethane (DCM) is a colourless chemical compound, classified as a
carcinogen category 3. According to the Commission, between 1989 and 2007, 18
fatalities (9 for industrial use, 8 for professional use, 1 for consumer use)
and 56 non-fatal injuries have been registered in the EU.

The Decision adopted by the European Parliament, will:

  • ban the use by consumers, who are least aware of the dangers of
    dichloromethane and who have least access to protective equipment;

  • ban in general the use by professionals operating outside industrial
    premises, but Member States can opt to allow further use for certain activities
    by specifically trained professionals under certain strict conditions
    (conditions have been strengthened on Parliaments request);

  • increase protection of workers during industrial use of such paint strippers
    (thanks to the EP the obligatory protection requirements have been

  • avoid further divergent actions by Member States which create obstacles to
    the internal market without benefit for the protection of all European

More info - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at work