New Deck Barge Safety Guidance Document and Spud Barge Fact Sheet

Slips, trips and falls, fire and falling overboard are among the major safety
topics addressed in two new Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA) online publications designed to protect maritime industry employees.

The Deck Barge Safety Guidance Document was developed to educate employers and
employees on preventing injuries and illnesses from hazards associated with
deck barges. Other topics mentioned in the document are machinery and
equipment, confined or enclosed spaces and training. The Spud Barge Safety Fact
Sheet lists three methods that can prevent the spuds, which are vertical steel
shafts that hold deck barges in place, from accidentally dropping or slipping.
The fact sheet also offers safety measures for employers and employees working
on barges and towing vessels. Both publications were produced as a result of a
2006 barge-related accident that caused five fatalities.

Deck barges and spud barges are flat boats or vessels that carry cargo and are
also used in the marine construction industry for work such as pier or bulkhead
construction, dredging, bridge construction and maintenance, and marine oil

Both the guidance document and the fact sheet identify the connection between
proper controls, procedures and training, and they also seek to increase
awareness of hazards and identify solutions to prevent injuries and fatalities.

Guidance Document

Fact Sheet - Source: U.S. American Department of Labor - Occupational Safety & Health Administration