New website to prevent work-related stress

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) today unveiled a new stress
website that will help businesses prevent work-related stress.

The website includes updated advice and guidance, tools to help prevent stress
at work, a self-assessment questionnaire for line managers, case studies and
good practical examples of things that have worked well for other
organisations. The focus of the new website will be the Management Standards
for work-related stress which have already been used successfully by many

Last year in Great Britain a total of 13.5 million days were lost to
work-related stress. It is a major cause of occupational ill health. It is a
major cause of occupational ill health resulting in sickness absence, high
staff turnover and poor performance for organisations. HSE's Management
Standards can help to manage the issue sensibly and minimise the impact of
work-related stress on businesses.

Launching the new stress website at the health and wellbeing at work
exhibition, Peter Brown, Head of the HSE Health and Work Division said:
"Pressure is part and parcel of all work and helps to keep us motivated, but
excessive pressure can lead to stress which undermines performance, is costly
to employers and can make people ill.

"This new website will enable employers to easily access all the information
they need to help prevent stress in their workplace.

"The revised stress management standards tools on the website can help any
organisation successfully manage work-related stress. The standards highlight
the components of good organisation, job design and management that keep stress
levels in check and enhance productivity.

"In the current economic crisis businesses are looking to save where ever
possible and managing work-related stress effectively could represent some
significant savings."

The website will be of interest to both old and new users. With its revised
tools, fully updated design and layout, current users will be able to access
the information they need easily. HSE is very keen to encourage as many
organisations as possible to adopt the management standards approach.

Company directors and human resource managers need to take the lead on dealing
with work-related stress. Stress costs you, your employees and your
organisation and following the management standards could help to reduce the
impact on your business.

Further info - Source: Health & Safety Executive