Do accident prone workers have Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Consider this Scenario: Your employee "Chuck” has had more than his share of
minor safety incidents and near misses. Why is he more accident prone than
others? A new study says he might have adult attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD).

A new study published by the British Psychological Society found that children
with ADHD continue to experience difficulties that impair their work
performance and increase the number of accidents they have as adults.

The team surveyed 8,563 workers. They found 1.9% of them met the criteria for
Adult ADHD.

Those with the condition were twice as likely to have had an accident at work
during the preceding year.

The researchers estimated that each worker with Adult ADHD cost their employer
$4,336 in lost revenue because of extra sick leave and lower work performance.

Only four of the 163 workers with Adult ADHD in the study were receiving
treatment for their condition.

The study concluded that, given the effectiveness of drugs for Adult ADHD,
employers consider screening for Adult ADHD.

More info - Source: Safety News Alert