Women highly under-represented in decision-making positions

A new report "Women in European politics - time for action" presents the
situation as regards women and men in higher decision-making positions.

While the last few years have seen a general increase in the number of women in
decisionmaking positions in Europe, this report, which takes most of its data
from the European Commission database on women and men in decision-making,
shows that the former remain very much in a minority in the political and
economic spheres. In parliaments, governments and ministries and in the private
sector too, power is still firmly in men's hands.

The European Union is committed to promoting gender equality in decision-making
positions, to raising awareness of the gender gap in this area and to taking
action to improve the situation. That is why the Commission's Roadmap for
Equality between Women and Men (2006-10) lists equal participation of women and
men in decisionmaking as one of its priorities.

The European Commission's database on women and men in decision-making includes
information on the number and percentage of women and men in decision-making

More info - Source: European Commission