EU action to reduce health inequalities

The size and scale of the differences in health of people living in different
parts of the EU and between socially advantaged and disadvantaged EU citizens
represents a challenge to the EU's commitment to solidarity and equality of
opportunity. In this context, the European Commission has announced a
communication on reducing health inequalities in the EU in its work programme
for 2009 as an initiative on "Solidarity in Health".

Therefor a consultation has been launched to collect views on how the European
Union can contribute to reducing health inequalities both within and between
Member States.

Further action by the EU could contribute to the following areas:

  • Raise awareness about the extent and consequences of health inequalities and
    to promote the tackling of health inequalities as a policy priority both at
    Community level and in all Member States.

  • Improve the mechanisms to monitor inequalities in health across the EU
    (between and within Member States) by improving data collection via more
    systematic and comparable information that complements existing data on health
    inequalities and via regular monitoring and analysis.

  • Support Member States' actions to tackle health inequalities notably by
    highlighting possible ways to prevent and address health inequalities, by
    encouraging greater policy coordination and best-practice exchange and through
    financial support via the Structural Funds and other EU funding instruments.

  • Mobilise all relevant EU policies to contribute to reducing inequalities in
    health by bringing together under a coherent framework the work of different
    Commission services, in line with the 2008 Renewed Social Agenda and the 2007
    Health Strategy.

More info - Source: European Commission