Discovery of a Promising Drug against Tuberculosis (TB)

EU-funded research announces the discovery of a promising drug against
Tuberculosis (TB), including the Extensively Drug Resistant form of the disease
(XDR-TB). Over the course of three years, international teams of scientists
from both the academic and private sectors have been researching new therapies
to cure TB in 34 research groups. They come from 14 different countries -
Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Hungary,
Denmark, Korea, the USA, the Russian Federation, South Africa and India - and
worked within the framework of an EU-funded research project entitled 'New
Medicines for Tuberculosis' (NM4TB). Their research has had good results: it
has led to the development of a drug candidate that proved effective against
tuberculosis and did not create side-effects when tested in laboratories. The
development of this new drug is an illustration of how important it is to
cooperate internationally. The fight against TB is a global concern that must
be addressed through such global cooperative efforts.

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work