Working Safely From the Home Office

Teleworking, telecommuting, working offsite, working from home - whatever label
you use, all of these terms refer to people performing their work duties
outside of the traditional office environment. Teleworkers use technology such
as the telephone, e-mail, the Internet and/or private networks to complete
their job tasks and stay in contact with their workplace.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety published a new
'Telework and Home Office Health and Safety Guide'. It is written for
home-based office workers and professionals, both self-employed and employees.
The guide has two main focuses - managing the work and setting up a good, safe
home office.

The guide can be used to set up an effective home office as it covers all
aspects of ergonomics, safety, work organization and personal security that may
be unique to a home environment.

Packed with safety tips, charts, checklists, and illustrations for teleworkers
and home-based office workers, the guide provides practical information to help:

  • integrate health and safety into everyday practices through telework

  • ensure due diligence and compliance with health and safety legislation

  • manage a telework position so it works best for both the employee and

  • understand the importance of ergonomics (workstation, desk, chair, etc.),
    work organization, and other safety needs

Managers and supervisors, as well as health and safety and human resources
professionals may find the guide to be a useful reference in developing
management policies and practices.

Further Information - Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety