Revised guidance for tanning salons and their customers

The use of any ultraviolet (UV) tanning equipment (eg sunlamps, sunbeds and
tanning booths) may expose staff and will expose customers to UV radiation. UV
radiation can cause injuries and ill health either in the short term (eg
sunburnt skin or conjunctivitis) or in the long term (eg premature skin ageing,
skin cancer and cataracts). Exposure to UV radiation tanning equipment before
the age of 35 years significantly increases the risk of several types of skin
cancer. Younger people seem to be more at risk from the cancer causing effects
of indoor tanning.

New advice for businesses in England and Wales about the safe operation of
sunbeds has been published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The revised guidance - which was produced in support of the Department of
Healths Cancer Reform Strategy - provides recommendations about how to safely
operate ultraviolet tanning equipment, including advice about potential hazards
and risk assessments.

Two key changes have been made from previous versions - HSE now recommends that
under-18s do not use sunbeds and that all coin-operated salons are supervised
by trained staff. A poster and leaflet spelling out advice to operators and
customers have also been published. These are available to download from a
number of websites and distributed free from HSE books.

More info - Source: Health and Safety Executive