Proceedings of the International road safety conference now available

Road crashes worldwide kill over a million people every year and cost as much
as 3% of global gross domestic product (GDP). Around the world, it is estimated
that work-related incidents make up 25% the road toll (50% if commuting is
included). Because rapid motorization generally accompanies economic
development, a large percentage of occupational automobile crashes occur in low
and middle-income countries. Workers in the developing world are becoming
increasingly vulnerable to the risk of road traffic crashes. Workers at risk
include drivers of commercial trucks and buses; workers who are not
professional drivers, but who drive smaller trucks or passenger vehicles
provided by their employer; workers who drive personal vehicles for work
purposes; pedestrians, particularly roadside workers; and commuters.

The International road safety conference was held in Washington DC 16-18
February, and attended by more than 220 delegates from 40+ countries. The
Agency presented preliminary results of its ongoing projects on the transport

Further Information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work