Men and mental health get it off your chest

Men's mental distress is a hidden problem. An examination of the evidence
suggests that gender and the way we are socialised into different cultural
norms could be having a big impact on the way men interact with mental health
services. The image of the tough, resilient male who hides emotion is deeply
ingrained in society and may effect men's help-seeking behaviour. In a new
report, the mental health charity, Mind, has called for employers to do more to
help stressed male workers by learnin to recognise the symptoms of men's
mental distress and introducin mental wellbeing policies.

The charity also requires the Government to produce a men's mental health
strategy. The call comes following Mind's latest research that shows that
men's mental health is more likely to suffer as a result of the recession and
that they are less likely to seek help.

More information: - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work