Low back pain is common

Low back pain is common and can be extremely painful. It can be difficult to
cope with the severe pain but fortunately it is rarely due to serious disease.
There are things that employers and workers can do to manage back pain and
other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), in the workplace. People can be helped
to remain in work or helped to make an earlier return to work.

The webpage offers:

Advice for employers

Advice to comply with legal requirements and minimize the risk to your
employees of developing back pain or making existing back pain worse.

Advice for workers

Advice to help to understand the causes of back pain and give advice on what to
do if one is a sufferer.

Advice for health professionals

Advice for health professionals who manage patients with acute and chronic back

Living with back pain

Most back pain is not caused by any serious damage or disease. The pain usually
improves within a few weeks, at least enough to allow one to get on with life.

More information - Source: Health and Safety Executive