Union video against child labour

Millions of children, especially girls, risk falling out of education and into
work as the impact of the world economic crisis deepens.

"With rising poverty and inequality, and funding for schools under pressure in
developing and transition countries in particular, the economic crisis is
likely to add even more children to the 200 million who are already at work
instead of getting a proper education. This is a tragic scenario just ten years
since the ILO adopted Convention 182 on eliminating the worst forms of child
labour," said the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) General
Secretary Guy Ryder.

The International Trade Union Confederation has launched a new video spot to
highlight the problem and press governments to tackle the exploitation of
children more effectively, both through funding quality education and enforcing
labour law.

Tens of millions of adults are losing their jobs due to the crisis, putting
family incomes under huge pressure and making it even more difficult for poorer
families to cover the costs of education.

"The consequences of child labour, often devastating for the children
concerned, are also felt in terms of economic and social development in the
longer term. Countries which do not ensure universal education will not have
the broad base of skills and knowledge required for solid economic foundations
for the future," Ryder added.

More information - Source:
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work