Managing hot outdoor working environments

Information about how the temperature of the environment you work in can affect
you, and advice on how to manage it is available on the British Health and
Safety Executive website.

When working outdoors the effects of the weather can potentially have a very
serious impact on an employee's welfare if the risks have never been previously
considered or managed properly. This impact maybe immediate or it occur over a
long time period.

For example, exposure to the sun can cause skin damage including sunburn,
blistering and skin ageing and in the long term can lead to an increased risk
of skin cancer.

People can avoid unnecessary exposure by such means as:

  • Wearing long sleeve shirts or loose clothing with a close weave;

  • Wearing hats with a wide brim;

  • More frequent rest breaks;

  • Taking breaks in the shade whenever possible;

  • Scheduling work to cooler times of the day; and

  • If possible, provide shade where work tasks are being undertaken.

Sun protection is important and people need to realise that sunburnt skin is
damaged skin. A suntan is not a sign of good health.

More information - Source: Health and Safety Executive