Labour inspectorates' strategic planning on safety and health at work

Labour inspectorates play a central role in promoting safety and health at work
and are increasingly focusing their attention on the anticipation, definition
and prevention of emerging risks. Through the work of labour inspectors, the
inspectorates have access to a unique source of data that helps inform their
strategic planning in three main areas: research, inspection and

This recently published report presents an overview of the principal
OSH-related priorities established by national labour inspectorates and
provides information on how these priorities are set. The information contained
in this report was provided by EU-OSHAs network of national Focal Points during
2008 in response to a questionnaire survey. Focal points are nominated by each
government as the Agency's official representative in that country, and they
are normally the national authority for safety and health at work1. As such,
the information provided by the Focal Points has been edited only where
necessary to ensure readability.

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work