Farming out the safety message to students

Farm safety is firmly on the curriculum for the new intake of students at the
Scottish Agricultural College, with practical advice and guidance from the
British Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The latest edition of HSE's free Farmwise guide is being used to get the next
generation of farmers to understand the risks they face in what is one of
Britain's most dangerous industries, and the simple steps they can take to keep

Though agriculture employs only about 1.5% of the working population it
accounts for around 20 per cent of work-related deaths every year. 26 workers
lost their lives during 2008/09.

"The idea is to stamp out bad working habits before they begin. Tractors,
complex machinery, lifting and carrying heavy loads, as well as working from
heights, all make the farm a hazardous environment where workers need to take
extra care."

More information - Source: Health and Safety Executive