Tripartism in the times of neoliberalism

For much of the 1990s and the first half of the present decade, many developing
countries seeking integration into the global economy adopted the type of
market-oriented measures pushed forward by the International Monetary Fund and
the World Bank. Much has been written about the impact of these measures (known
as the Washington Consensus) on governments, employers and workers in the
developing world. Now a new book published by the International Labour Office
(ILO) takes this issue forward and looks at how the process of consultation and
negotiation between these three social partners - in other words, tripartism -
altered the pace, sequence and content of these reforms. ILO Online spoke to
the editor of "Blunting neoliberalism: Tripartism and economic reform in the
developing world", Lydia Fraile.

More info - Source: International Labour Organization