Make 2010 the safest and healthiest year yet

Times might be hard right now, but firms should still make a resolution to keep
their staff healthy and safe in 2010, says the British Institution of
Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the world's largest health and safety
professional body.

While many of us will make individual resolution's to get fitter or healthier,
John Holden, the president of IOSH, said that businesses too should make a New
Year Resolution to play their part to cut the 180 deaths, over 130,000 injuries
and 1.2 million cases of ill-health caused by work last year in UK alone.

And John said that employers should also be encouraging employees who've made
resolutions to improve their health to stick to them:

"If a member of staff has resolved to give up smoking or to improve their
fitness, then support from their employer can make a huge difference in helping
them stick to their healthier lifestyle.

"The workplace is a great place to encourage people to live safe and healthy
lives. Work is good for your health - provided you're not under excessive
pressure or in a working environment where risks with your safety are routinely

IOSH is calling on businesses to make a resolution this year to:

  • promote work life balance by discouraging long working hours

  • promote good safety culture

  • clamp down on workplace bullying

  • create opportunities to enjoy a healthy lifestyle

More info - Source: Institution of Occupational Safety and Health