New Use Rule for Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes

The US-American Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a significant new
use rule (SNUR) for multi-walled carbon nanotubes under Section 5(a)(2) of the
Toxic Substances Control Act.

The proposed rule does not identify all types of companies or organizations
that would be affected, but it does say manufacturers, importers, or processors
of the tubes (NAICS codes 325 and 324110), such as chemical manufacturing and
petroleum refineries, could be. If the rule is finalized, anyone intending to
manufacture, import, or process multi-walled carbon nanotubes for an activity
that is designated as a significant new use would have to notify EPA at least
90 days in advance, giving the agency time to evaluate the intended use and
prohibit it, if necessary.

EPA is accepting comments until March 5 (citing docket ID number
EPA-HQ-OPPT-2009-0686) via

Section 5(a)(2) of the act says EPA must consider all relevant factors before
determining a use of a chemical substance is a significant new use, including:

  • projected volume of manufacturing and processing of a chemical substance,

  • extent to which a use changes the type or form of exposure of human beings or
    the environment to a chemical substance,

  • extent to which a use increases the magnitude and duration of exposure of
    human beings or the environment to a chemical substance,

  • reasonably anticipated manner and methods of manufacturing, processing,
    distribution in commerce, and disposal of a chemical substance.

EPA said it also considered relevant information about toxicity, likely human
exposures, and environmental releases associated with possible uses in this

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