Managing Dermal Risk: Moving On From Gloves

A basic rule of all exposure control should be that this is, so far as
possible, independent of the worker. This is what technical control measures
attempt to achieve; even more because there is a problem with gloves. Since
gloves are dependent upon the wearer to don, use and remove correctly, we
immediately introduce an element of uncertainty. Furthermore, when controlling
exposure by technical methods, it is frequently possible to structure these so
that the control is 'fail-to-safe', i.e. should the control measure fail, this
will not result in worker exposure. In practice, this is unachievable with
personal protective equipment such as gloves. Any failure will result in worker

And of course there stil,l is the problem that gloves that are adequate for
some chemicals are useless for others, that co-exposure to solvents can cause
substances to permeate very differently, and that dirty gloves can make
exposure worse than none at all. Misapplication of latex gloves can notoriously
lead to sensitization.

Still: Reliance on gloves will be hard to change.

More info - Source: The Annals of Occupational Hygiene