Labour inspection in Europe: fighting undeclared work and trafficking

The International Labour Office has set up a series of questions and answers
about a new ILO report intended to help experts in EU countries share good
practices and develop common policy guidelines for labour inspection and
undeclared work.

This report was prepared as reference document for a meeting held in Budapest
(29-30 October 2009) on labour inspection and undeclared work migration and
trafficking in Europe. It highlights some of the different labour inspection
measures taken in law and practice by the EU countries and it is based in part
on a questionnaire filled out by participants prior to the event. A series of
guidelines were prepared and endorsed by the experts based on the discussions
with the hope that they will assist labour inspectorates and policy makers as
they work toward developing more effective and better coordinated labour
inspection responses to the phenomenon of undeclared work.

More information: - Source: International Labour Office (ILO)