Keeping Workplace Eye Wellness in Sight

Workplace eye wellness adds up to more than just grabbing a pair of safety
glasses. From adjusting office lighting to maintaining protective equipment to
properly flushing eyes after encountering a hazard, safety professionals and
workers should take a comprehensive approach to eye wellness. After all, when
it comes to protecting our vision, the stakes are high.

"Without your eyes, you can't do anything," said Mike O'Hearn, V.P. of sales
and marketing at H.L. Bouton. "So that should be a top priority - to protect
the vision of the worker. There's no question about that."

Promoting eye wellness in the workplace not only protects workers' eyes from
serious injury, but also makes workers comfortable and more productive. Plus,
it saves money. As O'Hearn points out, eye injuries are costly, so employers
can reduce health care expenses simply by encouraging workplace eye wellness.

"I'm afraid sometimes in today's environment, employers don't really realize
how important that is or how costly it is," O'Hearn says.

According to Prevent Blindness America, a volunteer eye health and safety
organization, half of all blindness is preventable through early detection and
treatment by an eye care professional. That means that by keeping their eye on
workers' eye wellness, employers can guarantee not only a healthier bottom
line, but also a healthier work force.

More info - Source: EHS today