Protect your skin!

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work informs about a new cartoon
movie on skin protection with the cartoon hero Napo.

'Napo in... Protect your skin!', raises awareness of the dangers of exposing
the skin to harmful, and sometimes not so harmful, substances; the situations
where exposures occur; and, what can be done to avoid risks, protect the skin
and prevent damage. Napo learns about the amazing qualities of the skin, and
strips naked to show the audience: 'Everything you always wanted to know
about... your skin'.

Napo is a normal person - neither good nor bad, neither young nor old. In this
respect, his culture is neutral. He is a willing worker who can be the victim
of situations over which he has no control but he can also identify hazards or
risks, and make good suggestions to improve safety and work organisation.

Napo is a likeable and attractive character with strong reactions and emotions.
When Napo is annoyed, bored or in love - it shows! As such, everyone can
identify with Napo, from young employees to someone who has worked in the
company for many years.

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work