EU-Eurobarometer survey on Tobacco

A new survey describes EU citizen's behaviours and attitudes towards tobacco.

This survey is the latest in a series of surveys to measure EU citizen's
behaviours and attitudes towards tobacco. For over 20 years EU legislation and
policy has been developed with the intention of encouraging tobacco smokers to
quit, preventing tobacco initiation and protecting citizens from second-hand
tobacco smoke. Despite the progress achieved, almost a third of European
citizens smoke, with an average of 14.4 cigarettes smoked per day. Most
citizens surveyed are in favour of a variety of tobacco-control policies.

A smoke-free workplace is a positive, health and safety measure, which brings
both immediate and long-term positive benefits to workers and the general
public alike. The Agency web feature on dangerous substances provides links to
actions and good practice information on no smoking at work from the Member
States, Europe and world wide.

More info (PDF: 12.83 MB) - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work