Risk of serious injury or death in commercial waste containers

A new guidance has been issued by the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
to help those producing, storing or collecting commercial waste to eliminate or
minimise the risks.

People have been discovered along with the contents of bins in waste collection
vehicles, or at waste collection facilities, with injuries associated with
falls from height or crushing by vehicle compaction mechanisms. The HSE is
aware of three fatal incidents that have occurred in the last year alone (April
2009 to March 2010).

The types of bins that have been involved with such incidents are those
designed for commercial waste collection - including those provided on a
communal basis - these will include communal 'domestic' waste bins. They are
usually large waste containers such as four-wheeled bins (typically 660 litres
and above), eurocarts, front end loader containers, paladins and skips.
Those organisations producing commercial waste, those responsible for managing
any waste storage areas, as well as those collecting such waste should take
immediate steps to review their own arrangements and procedures with regard to
the selection, use and storage of commercial waste bins in line with newly
published HSE/WISH good practice guidance.

Further info - Source: Health and Safety Executive