New annual report, Living and working in Europe - 2009 Yearbook

The impact of the recession dominated Eurofound's research across its various
areas of expertise during a year of increasingly targeted and efficient
activities, Eurofound's new annual report 2009 reveals. The new annual report,
Living and working in Europe - 2009 Yearbook, boasts a new user-friendly,
exciting style and design, which sets out to distil Eurofound’s key findings
from 2009, presenting them in the European context, and highlighting their
relevance to how Europeans live and work.

In 2009, European society went through dramatic changes and adjustments in the
wake of the economic recession, all of which had serious effects on how all
Europeans live their lives and do their work. In particular, Eurofound’s
periodic, longitudinal research proved its worth, demonstrating the changes in
living and working conditions over recent years. Data from the European
restructuring monitor outlines the growth and subsequent decline in
restructuring-related job loss; regular updates from the European Industrial
Relations Observatory (EIRO) highlight the cooperation and conflict that has
ensued among social partners across Europe; annual reviews of working time and
pay point to the changes being wrought in working conditions in response to the
recession; while a comparison of trends in quality of life shows the impact of
the recession as experienced by citizens in the Member States.

Looking at Eurofound's performance, in crude numbers, some 803 contacts and
briefing meetings took place between Eurofound and key policymakers at EU
level, and almost 100 presentations were made by Eurofound staff, by
invitation, to key stakeholders across the 27 EU Member States. The number of
European Commission policy documents quoting Eurofound research was up by 49%,
and around 700 academic articles cited Eurofound research over the course of
2008–2009. Overall, 154,443 print publications were disseminated, with many
more being published electronically, and 135,276 documents were downloaded from
the Eurofound website. In total, 114 million European citizens were exposed to
Eurofound's work through the media, and 1.6 million people accessed the
Eurofound website during the course of 2009.

More info (PDF: 3,1 MB) - Source: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living andWorking Conditions