Innovative monitoring for road transport safety

The EU-funded 'ASSET-Road' project has opened a new test site on the A8
Salzburg-Munich motorway in Germany. The objective is to reduce the number of
serious road accidents, especially those linked to heavy goods transport.

At a time of increasing vehicle registration, increasing traffic density, and
limited road space, traffic monitoring has become an essential element for
efficient and safer road transport. The growth of heavy goods transport in
particular, and the increasing share of transit traffic on motorways have had a
real impact on the number of accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities.

Stiff competition in the freight transport sector means more and more lorries
are overloaded while maintenance can be haphazard. And, under increasing cost
pressures, some drivers still choose not to observe regulations concerning
driving and rest periods, and speed limits.

More information: - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work