Consultation on Eleven Potential Substances of Very High Concern

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published proposals to identify eleven
chemicals as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and possible candidates for
authorisation. The detailed proposals are available on the ECHA website.
Interested parties are invited to comment on the eleven proposals by 14 October

Three EU Member States - Austria, Germany and the Netherlands - have put
forward proposals to identify eleven chemical substances as Substances of Very
High Concern (SVHC):

1,2,3- Trichlorobenzene, 1,2,4- Trichlorobenzene, 1,3,5- Trichlorobenzene,
Cobalt(II) sulphate, Cobalt(II) dinitrate, Cobalt(II) carbonate, Cobalt(II)
diacetate, 2-Methoxyethanol, 2-Ethoxyethanol, Chromium trioxide, Acids
generated from chromium trioxide and their oligomers: Chromic acid, Dichromic
acid, Oligomers of chromic acid and dichromic acid.

More info - Source: European Chemicals Agency