Special Eurobarometer on Mental Health

A poll released to mark World Mental Health Day reveals that people report
generally feeling more positive than negative. However, there has been a
downward shift in feeling since the last survey in 2006.

During the 12 months preceding the survey, 15% of respondents across EU Member
States sought professional help for psychological or emotional problems and 7%
took antidepressants, mostly for depression or anxiety.

Respondents were also asked to indicate their level of agreement with three
different statements in order to understand their perceptions of job security,
how well their job matches their skills, and recognition for the work they do.
It was apparent in the analysis that those who feel they are in a job that does
not match their training and education are also more likely to feel that they
are not suitably rewarded or recognised for their efforts at work.

This Eurobarometer survey on the self-perceived mental health of European
citizens was conducted during February and March 2010 in the 27 Member States
of the European Union.

The main themes addressed in this report are:

  • The state of mental well-being - how well people feel mentally and physically, and what impact has this had on their lives

  • Level of comfort at work - how secure people feel in their current jobs, whether they feel their skills match their current role and whether they feel they receive adequate recognition/respect for what they do

  • Care and treatment - what help and treatment people have sought to ameliorate any mental health conditions they have experienced

  • Perceptions of people with mental illness - how comfortable people feel about interacting with those with a mental health problem.

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work