Young Workers' Safety Takes to the Classroom

Every year, young workers are critically injured or killed on the job.
Secondary school teachers can play a vital role in developing awareness of
workplace health and safety issues in young people. It has been proven that
integrating workplace health and safety education into the classroom has helped
in the prevention of accidents and injuries.

Available in either PDF or hard copy binder editions, Health & Safety Teaching
Tools is packed with more than 200 pages of safety information, tips, classroom
activities, handouts, and quizzes. The binder version also includes a companion
CD of accompanying slides in PowerPoint and PDF formats, for use as student

Teaching Tools is divided into five chapters covering the major topic areas of
workplace health and safety that are likely to impact young workers: chemical
hazards, ergonomics, physical hazards, biological hazards and sociability

Features include:

  • KEY POINTS - Each chapter contains topic sections covering critical hazards.

  • SLIDES - Each slide visually enhances the text being presented. Print these slides for your students so they can take notes while you present the material.

  • ACTIVITIES - Ideas for activities that reinforce the concepts presented are provided in each section.

  • HANDOUTS - Copy and circulate these to your class for reference and to help them prepare for tests.

  • TESTS - Assess your students' knowledge with sample tests provided at the end of each topic section.

  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES - Looking for further information? Check out the listing of recommended resources included at the end of each chapter.

Further Information - Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety