Systematic review on the health effects of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from mobile phone base stations

The World Health Organization has published a review and evaluation of the
recent literature on the health effects of exposure to mobile phone base
station (MPBS) radiation.

The authors performed a systematic review of randomized human trials conducted
in laboratory settings and of epidemiological studies that investigated the
health effects of MPBS radiation in the everyday environment. They included in
the analysis 17 articles that met our basic quality criteria: 5 randomized
human laboratory trials and 12 epidemiological studies. The majority of the
papers (14) examined self-reported non-specific symptoms of ill-health. Most of
the randomized trials did not detect any association between MPBS radiation and
the development of acute symptoms during or shortly after exposure. The
sporadically observed associations did not show a consistent pattern with
regard to symptoms or types of exposure. We also found that the more
sophisticated the exposure assessment, the less likely it was that an effect
would be reported. Studies on health effects other than non-specific symptoms
and studies on MPBS exposure in children were scarce.

The evidence for a missing relationship between MPBS exposure up to 10 volts
per metre and acute symptom development can be considered strong because it is
based on randomized, blinded human laboratory trials. At present, there is
insufficient data to draw firm conclusions about health effects from long-term
low-level exposure typically occurring in the everyday environment.

More info - Source: World Health Organization