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Exhibitor Interviews

Exhibitor Interviews 2015

A+A 2015: 3M and a communication in ear solution

3M arrived with a new communication in ear solution which are ear plugs with situational awareness. Marketing Manager Michael Defty explains in the interview the features.

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A+A 2015: Scott Safety and a great booth

Scott Safety is dedicated to the manufacture of high performance respiratory protection products, monitoring and sensor equipment and more. The company came to A+A 2015 with a wonderful booth including some Scott heroes. Marketing Manager EMEA Paul Shaw explains in the interview what this is about.

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A+A 2015: Karam and new range of harness

The company Karam has added a new portfolio to its product range. Assistant General Manager Hina Khan speaks in the interview about a new special range of harness and further products.

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A+A 2015: Climax and the electric hook

The novelty for A+A 2015 brought to Düsseldorf by Climax is an electric hook. In the interview International Area Manager Alex Lorente speaks about the innovation and about the advantages of A+A.

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A+A 2015: Global Stole and the correct way of sitting

The ergonomically best way of sitting becomes more and more important nowadays. Steen Elgaard is Sales Manager of Global Stole and introduces new chairs that support this task. See what is new on the market!

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A+A 2015: GTG and industrial safety projects

Danilo Lozano Castro from the Sales Department GTG talks about the need of companies for personalised services including risk assessments and inspections and industrial safety projects and more.

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A+A 2015: Dräger and the drug test

Employees working at companies under the influence of illegal drugs also compromise safety at the workplace. Especially when operating machinery life-threatening accidents can be the result. Therefore, Dräger has developed an easy drug test. Regional Segment Manager Mark Burrup explains how it works and our reporter Emily Whigham acts as a guinea pig.

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A+A 2015: Gore with news for fire fighters

Gore has developed a new suit for fire fighters which looks absolutely normal from the outside but has an important hidden innovation on the inside. Product Specialist Christophe Didelot explains the unique innovation the company is exhibiting.

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A+A 2015: YDS and specialised shoes

The Turkish company YDS exhibits specialised shoes for different industries with features such as electrical or flame resistance. Reporter Emily Whigham talks to president A. Vedat Yakupoğlu and developer Can Kahraman.

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A+A 2015: Ansell and a great many of glove innovations

Ansell came to A+A with a lot of innovations, new products and new solutions. The interview features three experts and their introduction into special fields concerned with gloves. Some key words are cut protection, chemical protection, better ergonomics.

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